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Hey there!

Hi, I’m Matika, a mom of two teenagers, I enjoys buying books, collecting magic the gathering cards, a wanna-be gamer and all things craft related. Thanks for visiting!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Matika. I have this insatiable need to always learn something new and interesting about the art of having fun. I have always been a hands-on kinda person that likes to spend hours on trying to learns as much as possible. I will spend hours on YouTube trying to learns as much as I can in the name of FUN! I find myself buying craft supplies, games and books as a way to feed my appetite for learning about fun. This blog will be my starting point as I explore FUN with story times, learning to play all types of games like Magic the Gathering and DND, learning some new crafting ideas as well playing with our food all in the name of FUN! Please join me as we embark on an adventure in the name of FUN!! All are welcomed in the Blanket Fort Academy!